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Glazed Over

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24 Feb 2005

{mosimage}If you haven’t already checked out Glazed Over Ceramics, you’re missing out. While cruising through the Starbuck’s drive-thru at Memorial and Kirkwood one Friday, my ever-wandering attention was caught by a flash of color in one of the storefronts. Turns out it was Glazed Over’s eye-catching logo. I dropped in to get some information and […]

My portfolio primarily consists of live music and candid shots – I need some “posed” shots. So I’m looking for two bands that need promo shots done. It doesn’t matter what type of music the band plays, but the band does need to be focused and have a defined marketing angle.

Blendt Playing at Sidecar Pub

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24 Feb 2005

Be sure and visit the Sidecar Pub tonight and check out Blendt!

The convenience of living in an apartment was finally outweighed by noisy neighbors and having to climb stairs – we’re buying a house.

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