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24 Jun 2006

The family and I are in Chattanooga, TN for a family reunion. I’m excited about the photo opportunities, of course. Nothing but mountains for as far as the eye can see. Last night we went up on Lookout Mountain. While everyone else waited in the van, I climbed out on a cliff and took some […]

Holy cow! Don’t you love it when life just runs you over? I’ve been working for the past week on a site for Already Gone, and it’s finally “done.” There are a few quirks that need to be worked out, but they’re not show-stoppers. I spent most of the week dealing with CSS issues, specifically […]

Frankie, owner of Forgetta’Bout It, threw a smashing party last night that was attended by the elite of the Houston rock scene. Seen in the crowd were John Adams of Jailbreak, Rob Howl of Midnight Circus, the incomparable shredder Ajax, Randy Dickey of Damascus, Bobby Blotzer of Ratt, Lee and Val Seals of WolfeBlitzer, Joe […]

Well, they’re finally done! I turned in almost 30 photos to Jay of Abbey Rode. From there, he’ll choose which ones they want on their site. I’ve posted the 10 that I think are the best – mostly crowd shots. (The lights bit that night. The guy that was supposed to run them didn’t show […]

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