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Holy smokes! It was only 39 days ago that I posted about the lack of MySpace alternatives but the market has since exploded! (You can thank me later.) In the past week we’ve been introduced to: – A social networking site “For the Jewish people, By the Jewish people.” HoverSpot – HoverSpot hopes to […]

It looks like LibraryThing might finally have a real competitor in aNobii. Like LibraryThing, aNobii offers a virtual bookshelf for your tomes, and it covers the social aspect by recommending other readers with similar tastes. aNobii boasts a fairly powerful import feature that can add a list of books from any web page by either […]

My goodness but the MySpace clone category is starting to get very full. Just this last week, we’ve seen the release of: Angler’s Lounge – If you want to get your great outdoors fix from your armchair, this is a great site to visit. Mingle online with other fisherman and brag about the one that […]

I found a site last week that promised to change domesticity as I know it – or at least eliminate some of the chaos associated with chores. It’s called PayJr and it bills itself as the “next generation of chores and allowances.” The idea is to allow parents to assign chores and pay allowances online. […]

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