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Alan Lewis of Vertigo, a U2 tribute band Originally uploaded by Daniesq. It’s been a busy week, and there’s been a lot of good bands in town. Last week was also busy. This is a shot of Alan Lewis of Vertigo, a Chicago-based U2 tribute band. They were good, although, as a former hardcore U2 […]

Many moons ago, when I was but a wee freshman in high school, the school district I attended decided to add a “life skills” requirement to our course load. The big attraction for many of us students was that it incorporated sex ed, but it also instructed us in potentially useful talents, such as budgeting. […], a free, online weight loss and fitness application, might truly be the best thing to hit the Internet in a long, long time. SparkPeople launched in 2002 as a FREE way

I’m seriously considering moving from my Blogger account to a WordPress setup. It’s not because I have to re-publish my entire blog every time I add a new post, or that Blogger sometimes won’t even let me add a new post. Not playing nice with other blog software annoyed me and not being able to […]

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