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In other news, I read that experiments to beam voices right into your head have been successful. While the story itself scares the crap out of me, the comments are hysterical! Lots of references to Real Genius (you know you’re a geek if you get it.)

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21 Feb 2008

When my five dogs heard I was writing a blog on, they were full of concern – and advice. “Wear long sleeves, Mom.” “Do you want to borrow some of my Frontline?” “Do they even make flea collars in your size?” After I explained to them that TickSpot wasn’t a place for picking up […]

Lately I’ve been trying to simplify my life, and where I can’t simplify, then automate. My most recent adventure in home automation was to purchase an automatic litter box. Although ultimately I decided on the ScoopFree system with a permanent replacement tray from Forever Litter Trays,it required a lot of research. There were a lot […]

I Dig Dibsby!

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16 Feb 2008

I am so, so glad to be back after a long absence. So many cool sites and new technologies have launched since I took what I thought would be a brief hiatus to find a house. After viewing more than 200 houses over a period of nine months, I am greatly relieved that we are […]

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