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Always remember, dear band boys and girls, BE NICE. It (usually) doesn’t cost you anything extra and can go a long way in getting you that next booking. I happened to overhear an exchange between two booking agents today that had worked together to package an out-of-state show. The show went well, and the bands […]

If you were any kind of smart, you were at FBI seeing one of the best shows to grace our town in a long time – thanks to local music promoter RockNHouston. RNH arranged a great lineup of classic rock tribute bands, including Abbey Rode, a Beatles tribute, Already Gone, an Eagles tribute, and Black […]

Alan Lewis of Vertigo, a U2 tribute band Originally uploaded by Daniesq. It’s been a busy week, and there’s been a lot of good bands in town. Last week was also busy. This is a shot of Alan Lewis of Vertigo, a Chicago-based U2 tribute band. They were good, although, as a former hardcore U2 […]

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