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Tmobile hasn’t even completed their 3G network; why are they adding 4G?

iPhone 4 upgrade

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28 Jun 2010

So, like thousands of others, I upgraded to the iPhone 4 last Thursday. So far I’ve been fortunate. My biggest aggravations have been some dropped calls (perhaps due to AT&Ts less-than-stellar coverage and not to the left-hand death grip issue) and the lack of any good cases. I’ve gotten a lot of flack for upgrading […]

Pandora has updated their iPhone app.

I’ll admit that the last few months have seen me jealous of iPhone users, not because I coveted their phones (puh-leez!) but because I coveted their app store. Now comes the good news that not only is my carrier (Tmobile) releasing a dedicated app store for their subscribers, but RIM is releasing their own Blackberry […]

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