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Forking over a lot of cash for a reading device is painful enough, but then having to shell out $9.99 and up per ebook can really sting. There’s a site, though, that offers free and deeply discounted ebooks, many by well-known authors.

Your tech gear represents no small investment, and while accessories are pricey in their own right, the quality and practicality of their products is hard to deny. The Pocquettes line of cases was clearly designed with the on-the-go fashionista in mind. The pebbled, full-grain leather cases rock the season’s latest ‘in’ colors (currently black, […]

I was fortunate enough to get an invite yesterday to Google+ from one of my Twitter buddies and I’ve pretty much spent all my spare time since then on the site. The odd thing is that on the face of it, there’s nothing overly compelling about Google+. In fact, I find the barrage of information […]

Now I look all official since I have an infographic for my product (me.) uses a Flash-driven online app to survey users and build a custom infographic from your answers. Unfortunately, it’s all in Portuguese, however, between the (mostly) self-explanatory graphics and Google Translate, you should be able to muck your way through. (Apologies […]

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