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Can you believe? An entire year with no posts, and then I just show up – out of the blue – with a post about boobs. Maybe my male readership will increase…. Anyway, I just ordered my first Jockey volumetric bra. If you haven’t heard of it, Jockey is trying to bring the accuracy of […]

Your tech gear represents no small investment, and while accessories are pricey in their own right, the quality and practicality of their products is hard to deny. The Pocquettes line of cases was clearly designed with the on-the-go fashionista in mind. The pebbled, full-grain leather cases rock the season’s latest ‘in’ colors (currently black, […]

Tmobile hasn’t even completed their 3G network; why are they adding 4G?

I’m a fan of The Next Web blog and when they mentioned a new copyediting service that they were using for their blog, I decided to check it out. GooseGrade’s premise is brilliant: use web-based services to allow readers to copyedit online content. Unfortunately, the execution leaves a lot to be desired. For example, in […]

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