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Caught Abbey Rode at FBI Rock Club #2 Last Night

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13 Aug 2006

If you don’t have a good time at an Abbey Rode show, something is wrong with you. Abbey Rode is becoming as much known for their audience participation as they are for their spot-on performance of Beatles tunes. If you haven’t checked them out yet, you’re missing out on a great time. Grab a gaggle […]

Hot Nights, Cool Tunes is a free open-air concert series featuring local bands and is sponsered by the City of Brenham. The bands will play in historic downtown Brenham in the Courthouse Square. From what I understand, concert-goers can bring lawn chairs and blankets, and there will be food and drink on sale. (You know […]

Better late than never?

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19 Jul 2006

Well here’s one from the whoopsie! file. I was going through photo directories so that I could do some archving, and came across shots of Jailbreak from a gig in April that had never even been processed. So here they are. Now I’m off to look for more lost goodies.

Powerload at The Concert Pub

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17 Jul 2006

Jay, Cindy and I went to The Concert Pub on Saturday night and saw Powerload, an AC/DC tribute band. They were very good, and I took a few shots. We only stayed for half of their set because my allergies were killing me, but we were there long enough to see Gordon, and his son […]

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