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Pandora has updated their iPhone app.

Always remember, dear band boys and girls, BE NICE. It (usually) doesn’t cost you anything extra and can go a long way in getting you that next booking. I happened to overhear an exchange between two booking agents today that had worked together to package an out-of-state show. The show went well, and the bands […]

Band promotion is almost always a chore, although it’s not as bad as it was ten years ago when we were all still stapling Kinko’s-created flyers on telephone poles. Still, the poor band sap that gets stuck with the promotion duties generally isn’t thilled about it. The Internet, and in particular, email, was rightly viewed […]

If you were any kind of smart, you were at FBI seeing one of the best shows to grace our town in a long time – thanks to local music promoter RockNHouston. RNH arranged a great lineup of classic rock tribute bands, including Abbey Rode, a Beatles tribute, Already Gone, an Eagles tribute, and Black […]

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