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In other news, I read that experiments to beam voices right into your head have been successful. While the story itself scares the crap out of me, the comments are hysterical! Lots of references to Real Genius (you know you’re a geek if you get it.)

Well, I think I might be back at Blogger. As you may remember, I was having incredible problems with getting Blogger to work. An incredibly busy schedule made it impossible for me to troubleshoot the rather extensive issues, so I took a hiatus. I’ve recently switched over to their new format, so we’ll see how […]

It has been so long since I posted on my very own website that I forgot my password! Luckily, I remembered it so that I can bring you musical goodness and news. First, I’ve hooked up with Jay of RocknHouston to get the scoop on all the great bands that are playing the Houston area […]

I’m seriously considering moving from my Blogger account to a WordPress setup. It’s not because I have to re-publish my entire blog every time I add a new post, or that Blogger sometimes won’t even let me add a new post. Not playing nice with other blog software annoyed me and not being able to […]

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