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13 Jun 2006

IMG_7334.jpgFrankie, owner of Forgetta’Bout It, threw a smashing party last night that was attended by the elite of the Houston rock scene. Seen in the crowd were John Adams of Jailbreak, Rob Howl of Midnight Circus, the incomparable shredder Ajax, Randy Dickey of Damascus, Bobby Blotzer of Ratt, Lee and Val Seals of WolfeBlitzer, Joe Caine -formerly of Escape and Mystic Cross, Jeff Clifton and Chuck McFadden of Azreal’s Bane, Donny Bragg, and many more. Other partygoers included Cindy Close, Mike and Alpha Settle, Pam Thompson, PV, Dara Springer, Jackee Clifton, Libby Conway, Cindy Dickey, Andrea, and Kymberly.

Abbey Rode started the festivities off with a true-blue set of Beatles music. In what’s becoming an Abbey Rode tradition, the birthday boy and 40 of his closest friends joined them onstage for “Birthday.”

Already Gone took the stage next and had the crowd cheering and singing along. One word – INCREDIBLE! If you haven’t seen them, and you like the Eagles, this is your group! Also making an appearance during their set was Bobby Blotzer, who guested on drums during “Long Run.”

Ratt tribute band Back For More capped the evening off with headbangin’ classics like “You’re In Love”, and of course, “Round and Round.”

Photos will be up soon.

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