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28 Jun 2010

So, like thousands of others, I upgraded to the iPhone 4 last Thursday. So far I’ve been fortunate. My biggest aggravations have been some dropped calls (perhaps due to AT&Ts less-than-stellar coverage and not to the left-hand death grip issue) and the lack of any good cases. I’ve gotten a lot of flack for upgrading so soon, but the draw of the 5MP camera was too much too resist.

The camera on the iPhone 4 is indeed much better, and although image quality noticeably drops off in low light, it’s still a huge improvement over the 3GS. The flash, however, is a different story. While it does illuminate the subject, I find the red-eye and the overwhelming yellow tint to often not be worth the tradeoff.

I have posted some pics taken last night at the Eagles concert here in Houston for your viewing pleasure. (The first photo was taken a couple of nights ago at Santos Mexican restaurant on Westheimer and demonstrates the overly-warm cast of pictures taken with the flash.)

As you can see, the photo quality is excellent for a cell phone and it performs pretty solidly in low-light situations. Note, though, the washed-out effect that was caused by me inadvertently leaving the flash on during a low-light shot.

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