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9 May 2012

Read blogs? Looking for highly entertaining, highly engaging, and highly literate writers? Sick of reading my technology reviews? I can help.
I’m a huge fan of Erma Bombeck. I loved her books and when she died, I mourned deeply with the rest of the world, However, lately I’ve become convinced that, like Elvis and Tupac, she actually faked her death and is now living in some remote desert location far away from the pressures of fame (like Nevada.) I know this because like any true writer, she couldn’t stay away from the pen – or rather, the keyboard. 

That’s right, folks. Not only is Erma Bombeck alive and well, she’s blogging. Yep. And *I* found her blog! Of course, she goes by a different name now – Bee Repartee. That’s to be expected – otherwise the IRS would find her and they have no humor about skipping out on taxes.

She’s maybe a little more twisted and cynical now- but hey, you survive dying and see if it doesn’t change you. Unlike the IRS – or really any government entity – her humor’s still there, though and the wit just as sharp as ever. I must caution you though – don’t consume beverages while reading her blog unless you want to spray them out of your nose. (True story.)

The other blog I was recently turned on to is reminiscent of Erma/Bee’s writing style but that’s where the similarity ends. The blog is called Diary of a Mad Mom (we’ll just call our blogger ‘Mad Mom’ for short) and it recounts a woman surviving her husband’s suicide, being robbed and kidnapped the morning of his funeral, and trying to raise 3 small kids in the aftermath. (Yes, seriously, that really happened, which coincidentally, is the name of the blog. 

Being a mom in normal circumstances is hard enough. Mad Mom’s blog is searingly honest as she recounts her attempts to pick up the ruins of her life while taking care of three children under the age of 11. To quote Mad Mom, “Sometimes it’s dark, sometimes it’s funny, sometimes it’s completely inappropriate. But it’s always therapeutic.” And compelling. Like “stay up all night because you can’t tear your eyes away” compelling. So plan to spend some time.

Bee Repartee can be found here: http://bit.ly/IIpuqu

Diary of a Mad Woman (Seriously, This Really Happened) can be found here: http://bit.ly/IQOtfd

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