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Hot Nights, Cool Tunes is a free open-air concert series featuring local bands and is sponsered by the City of Brenham. The bands will play in historic downtown Brenham in the Courthouse Square. From what I understand, concert-goers can bring lawn chairs and blankets, and there will be food and drink on sale. (You know […]

Better late than never?

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19 Jul 2006

Well here’s one from the whoopsie! file. I was going through photo directories so that I could do some archving, and came across shots of Jailbreak from a gig in April that had never even been processed. So here they are. Now I’m off to look for more lost goodies.

Powerload at The Concert Pub

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17 Jul 2006

Jay, Cindy and I went to The Concert Pub on Saturday night and saw Powerload, an AC/DC tribute band. They were very good, and I took a few shots. We only stayed for half of their set because my allergies were killing me, but we were there long enough to see Gordon, and his son […]

Frankie, owner of Forgetta’Bout It, threw a smashing party last night that was attended by the elite of the Houston rock scene. Seen in the crowd were John Adams of Jailbreak, Rob Howl of Midnight Circus, the incomparable shredder Ajax, Randy Dickey of Damascus, Bobby Blotzer of Ratt, Lee and Val Seals of WolfeBlitzer, Joe […]

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